Sweet Lullabies


Master, serene are all the hours

Master, serene are
All the hours
That we lose,
If we lose them,
We place flowers
Like in a jar.

In our life,
There are no sorrows
Nor are there joys
So let us learn,
Incautiously wise,
Not to live life.

But to flow down it
Tranquilly, serenely
Let our children
Be our teachers
And our eyes be
Full of Nature.

By the river bank,
By the road side,
Happening to be right,
Always the same,
A gentle rest
Being living life.

Time passes
It tells us nothing
We grow old
Let’s learn., almost
To feel ourselves going.

It is not worth while
To make a gesture.
There is no resistance
To the cruel god
Who devours always
His own sons.

Let us pick flowers,
Let us dip gently
Our hands
Into calm rivers
For learning
Also to be calm.

Sunflowers ever
Stare at the sun,
Let us go from life
Tranquilly, with
No remorse
Of having lived.

Fernando Pessoa
As Ricardo Reis
December 6, 1914